Quality Over Quantity

I hate deadlines.

My day job is mostly time-bounded.  We are always working towards a deadline.

As I work at creating my work here at Route To Freedom, I’m still fighting the old habit of never miss a deadline.  Even if it means turning out mediocre crap.  Well, this time I’m not going to do it.

Out of respect for you, I’m going to publish only the very best work that I can.  If that means missing my own self imposed deadline, then so be it.  This is part of me having to retrain my brain away from the employee mentality.  I am no longer just a cog in the machine.  I am now a Creative, an author.

I hope you will allow me the time to do the proper research and development of my posts.  Even if it means that they don’t all come out on a Friday morning.  I’m still stuck in the old habits of being a “human resource”.  Of being a cog in the machine that requires output based on someone else’s time constraints.  On being a “job zombie” where I mindlessly perform my assigned duties without asking “why?”.

I tried to become a Creative by starting a photography business.  I have a long-time love of photography and figured that I could exercise my creative-self by offering my art to the marketplace.  However I quickly found out that being a photographer is more about the business of photography than it is about the art of photography.

Sure you need to have a firm grasp of the fundamentals of the art, but trying to make it into a self-sustaining business is something else.  It is about the details of running a business.  Now, in my focus on Route To Freedom, I need to reset my expectations.  Most bloggers are kicking out at least one post per week.  Some prolific bloggers are pumping out a post a day or more.

Who knows, when blogging becomes my sole source of income, and I can be emancipated from my job, then I too may increase my post rate.  For now though, I have to choose between quality and quantity.

The time that I have available to put into my writing, including research and editing, dictates that I will not always have a post ready to publish each week.  My goal is to get a couple weeks ahead so that I have a buffer and can absorb a long posting cycle once in a while.  Right now, I don’t have a buffer and so I am constantly under the gun, so to speak.

Since there is a plethora of blogs out there on just about any topic you can imagine, I feel like one of the things that I can offer is to not compromise the quality of my posts in the name of quantity.  I don’t feel that a self-imposed, one-post-per-week schedule is enough to make me put out second rate crap.

You deserve better.  In fact, if I ever do start putting out second rate crap, I expect you to tell me that I am doing so.  And if I don’t immediatly improve, I expect you to go and find a blogger that cares enough about their readers to only post their very best.  My goal here is to develop a community of people that are all working towards leading extraordinary lives.

I want to see us all acheive all the Freedom that we desire.  There will be as many definitions of Freedom as there are readers here.  However, I suspect that we all face similar obstacles on the road to our personal freedom.  Let’s work togethter to get past the things that are keeping us where we are.  If you find a way around something, share it in the comments.  Others are probably facing the same thing you just overcame and could use your insight into overcoming it.

Also, be sure to let me know what challenges you are facing.  Help me help you.  Oh man, doesn’t that sound cheesy.  But its true.  I don’t know exactly what you’re struggling with unless you tell me.  So, how can I write a life-changing post on how to overcome a deep-rooted fear of snails for someone that wants to be come a professional truffle-hunter if I don’t know that is what is holding you back?

Will you bear with me as I work through this transition?  I promise you that I will never publish a post just because I am trying to stick to a self-imposed schedule.  I will only publish a post when it is complete, and when it will provide value to you.  It will be more than worth the precious time you gave up to read it.  It will be entertaining, thought provoking, or immediately actionable. (Hopefully more than one of those at a time!)

My request of you is two-fold.  First, if I ever slip into complacency and start posting drivel, that you will call me on it.  Take me to task and let me know that I am disrespecting you and your time.  Second, tell me what you want, or need, help with.  How can I add value to your life?  What issues can I help you work through?  What roadblocks to your personal freedom can I help you blow up?

If you will stick with me here and help make this a kick-ass place for people to learn how to live remarkable lives, then let me know in the comments or send me an email.

I look forward to hearing from you!

– Mike

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